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Terms and Conditions

Weekly/Weekend Option

(in accordance with art.1, comma 2 lett. C), the law of 9th December 1998, n.431)




The leased property is used solely to satisfy temporary housing needs. The lessee declares not to use the property for study or work purposes, as well as to spend a short vacation on the premises. Thus, the present rental agreement is not a subject to the “on-rent” norm, in accordance with art.26 letter 392/1978, including alterations and additions.


Weekly/Weekend housing option will be regulated according to the following norms

1. The stipulated contract is valid for the minimum of 3 and maximum of 30 days.

2. The lessee can’t sublet or lease, in whole or partly, the housing unit, punishable by the termination of the agreement and loss of the deposit.

3. It is prohibited to substitute people during the housing period, unless previously agreed on. Presence of a number of people superior and/or not declared in the present agreement will lead to the termination of the latter and loss of the deposit, as well as eventual compensation claim by the Residence Castello management.

4. The lessor grants the lessee the right of tenure of the property, including the furnishings and fittings. The provision of food and drinks, surveillance services, guardianship, daily cleaning (unless explicitly requested) and daily linen change (unless explicitly requested) by the lessor are explicitly excluded.

5. The Residence is not responsible under any circustances for any theft or damages occured on the facility grounds (parking lot, terrace, balconies, apartments, etc.)

6. The parking spaces ( Otranto ) are assigned by the management and are a subject to change if neccessary.

7. The washing machine ( Otranto ) works with coins inserted into dedicated conis dispenser.

8.Included in the price

  • Covered and video surveillance parking area, one for each apartment, inclination around 24°(Otranto)
  • Parking pass, one for each apartment (Santa Cesarea Terme)
  • Electric energy consumption
  • Internet
  • Final cleaning service

Not included in the price

  • Bathroom linens – €10 per person per week
  • Bedroom linens – €5 per person per week
  • Tourist tax of €1 a day for a maximum of 7 days (children under 12 are exempt)
  • €50 - Disinfestation of animal presence
  • €30 - extra cleaning service
  • Obligation to return the kitchen clean (with no dishes to wash) as an alternative supplement of 30 €


  • Booking can be done exclusively through email, paying 30% deposit of the total amount; balance upon arrival.
  • Upon arrival, guests need to put down a safety deposit of €100, which will be given back at the end of their stay. The safety deposit will be held back in the following cases: furniture damages, late check-out, leaving the apartment in conditions different from the original ones (cleanness, mess, moved furniture, dirty plates or glasses, etc.) In cases when caused damages exceed €100, the management reserves the right to ask for the corresponding compensation, and if necessary take required legal action.
  • Reservations can be canceled through email only and within 60 days before arrival guaranteeing total refund of the deposit; from 20 to 60 days before arrival – 50% deposit refund; from 1 to 20 days – non refundable

9. The client is always personally responsible for causing any eventual damages. In the presence of any domestic animals, the owner is personally responsible for any damages caused by them to people or things.

10. The lessor must inform the lessee regarding any eventual defects of the housing unit when checking in. In case of a complaint, the client will need to get in touch with the managers, using the contact details at his/her disposal, so that the latter can promptly intervene in order to solve the problem. Eventual claims of facts or events, which could cause significant damages or force the client to request damage compensation, must be presented in a written form directly to one of the managers. No claims presented after the departure, which were not previously communicated in a written form, will be accepted. In case of a claim, the client is obliged to grant necessary time to the lessor in order to solve the problem.

11. It is absolutely prohibited to introduce any modifications of any nature to the facility and the furnishing, to paint or color walls, as well as to hole the walls and to hammer nails, to move the furniture and to introduce any other changes without previously discussing it with the owner.

12. The lessee assumes the obligation of making use of the rented property with proper diligence and commits to keep the property in good condition.

13. The lessee holds direct responsibility before the lessor and the third parties when causing damage due to the abusive or neglected use of the rented property.

14. The lessee has a right to occupy the accommodation after 5 pm on the first day, the apartment must be vacated (both people and their belonginings) by and not later than 10 am, time after which the access is granted to our staff.

15. At the arrival the client is asked to demonstrate the identification documents of all the people who the booking has been made for, in order to proceed with the registration with the office authorities.

16. Accommodation can be denied in the following cases:

  • nonconformity in the booking data and the client
  • lack of documents
  • failure to pay the balance

17. The client can be expelled from the premises during the stay if his/her behavior is contradictory to the basic civil behavior norms and is disrespectful of the points listed in the present agreement. The immediate expulsion will lead to the loss of the already transferred amount of money, without any further damage claims.

18. In relation to the issues not covered in the present agreement, the parties shall expressly refer to the previsions of the Civil Code, as well as to the current regulations and local practices.

Read and approved